Sarah Vienna


New Album Release

Sarah Vienna’s 5th album release, “Keep Going” is now available!

Sarah Vienna is a multifaceted recording artist, worship leader, speaker, and nonprofit leader who passionately weaves together music, ministry, and advocacy. With a relaxed yet compelling delivery, Sarah delves into deeply personal topics such as abandonment, rejection, and obeying the Holy Spirit, while also addressing broader themes of justice, spiritual boundaries, and the sanctity of life. 

 With a delightful touch of musical talent, Sarah brings joy and nostalgia with renditions of classic covers to the greatest hymns on her guitar, leaving hearts uplifted and souls inspired. Whether on stage or in conversation, Sarah Vienna’s message is one that touches each person’s heart in their own unique way, inviting them to find joy and fulfilment in the Lord and embrace a life of purpose and passion.

Lifting Hearts

Inspiring Souls

Sarah uses music and stories to motivate others to fully embrace and utilise their God-given talents.

Singer / Songwriter

Motivational Speaker

Nonprofit Leader

On a mission to change lives


Sarah’s Interview on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk

On this broadcast, Dr. Dobson welcomes Sarah Vienna, founder of Firm Foundations Romania, to the Family Talk studios. She explains why she started her organisation and what they are doing to care for the destitute people of Romania. Sarah also voices her pro-life values by singing her song for Dr. Dobson, “I’m Alive.”


Some of the highlights of Sarah Vienna’s career include memorable moments such as performing for prominent figures like Dr. James Dobson on Family Talk Radio, witnessing her first Roma student graduate from High school, and celebrating her own graduation from Liberty University in 2023.





Global Non-Profit Founder



Firm Foundations Romania believes that all people are made in the image of God and are therefore worthy of love, respect and dignity. It is because of this that we are committed to caring for and supporting the Roma (Gypsy) community in Romania by offering access to education, tangible resources, and the Gospel.