Can a song save a life?

Can a song save a life?  Sarah Vienna, singer songwriter, speaker and human rights advocate believes so.  The youngest of seven girls, born in Boston, MA, Sarah grew up in Northern California but has found herself living in Brasov, Romania, for the past 15 years.  It was here she started a non-profit to rescue orphans and began to write songs championing the importance of every human life,  young and old.  After a recent tour of a pregnancy resource center in Pennsylvania, Sarah was inspired to write a moving and powerful song from the perspective of a baby in a mother’s womb called I’m Alive.


As a teenager, I had a recurring dream of rescuing children out of a war zone and leading them to freedom.  I believe this was a premonition of what was to come, as I’ve helped rescue orphan babies who are now teenagers.  Wanting to be a voice to the voiceless has always been a part of me, and this is my hope with the song I’m Alive. This song speaks of a love and a hope that will help people understand the value of life and will help mothers to understand they have been given a gift.  I’ve found women and men alike are moved to tears when they hear the song,” Sarah shared.  Sarah was raised in a Christian and musical family, and her mother, also a singer, has shared her heart for unborn babies through song, which has been an inspiration for Sarah.  I’m Alive was recorded and produced by renown music industry veteran Russ Long in Nashville, TN, the choir arranged and recorded by Grammy winner Brad Sayles and performed by members of the United Methodist Church of The Woodlands, Texas.


Early on, Sarah thought music would be her sole focus, yet as a young adult she began searching for an even deeper calling and purpose.  She decided to attend YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in England for six months.  It was at this time Sarah began to realize her passion. “I felt like I stepped into God’s arms and my worldview was broadened like never before,” she expressed.


Sarah’s heart for orphans was ignited when she was invited to the Brasov State Children’s Hospital in Romania, to sing Christmas carols to a room full of children.  What she discovered were babies alone in prison-like cribs with rags for diapers.  She knew she needed to intercept this hopelessness and saw a need that would eventually make a way for a relationship with the hospital. The strategy was to provide much needed disposable diapers.  Sarah moved to Romania in 2002 and started the non-profit organization, Firm Foundations Romania (FFR), which is dedicated to transforming the lives of disadvantaged children in Romania by providing love and care, educational guidance, along with sharing the Gospel.


As she began rescuing abandoned children and forming relationships with the poor, Sarah found many of them were Roma, also known as Gypsies, who had been persecuted and cast aside.  Many in this community didn’t understand the value of life as a gift from God.  The high abortion rate in Romania and in the USA set Sarah on fire to help bring the love and truth of the Gospel that every life matters and was also an inspiration for the song, I’m Alive.


“Our vision is for every disadvantaged child to experience the power of God’s love in order to live life to the fullest; our hope is that they would then be influenced to serve and be an example for others,” shared Sarah.  “Psalm 82:3 says, ‘Defend the cause of the needy and poor, uplift the oppressed.’  This is the foundation of what I feel called to do.”


In 2019, Sarah Vienna Ministries (SVM) became its own non-profit, whose mission is to defend humanity, from the unborn to the elderly, through the power of music and arts.  SVM works in collaboration with FFR, being a megaphone to raiseawareness of FFR and fundraising.  Sarah travels world-wide sharing her message through a powerful arrangement of personal stories and songs that stir emotion and inspire action amongst the listeners.